Thursday, September 18, 2014

Knit Wrap Sketch

Here is the sketch or line drawing for the knit wrap.  I sketched it sitting in the car rider line, so I really didn't have a straight edge or a right angle, and I may have colored it in with crayons.  It isn't the most professional looking line drawing, but it gets the idea down which is all that I am looking for at the moment.

I made some changes from my original sketch.  Since the Maggie of London ponte that I am using is a 58 inch knit, I decided go with 58 inches instead of 60 inches for the long edge of the wrap.  It works out nicely so as to only use 1 yard of the 3 yards that I have of this ponte.  What ever will I make with those other 2 yards???  I also had thought I would use mitered corners at the neck line, but have since decided to used the lapped corners like the inspiration wrap has.  I also cut 2 inch strips of the leather which will result in a 1.5 inch border after rolling .25 inches at each side of the leather under.

The ponte is cut out, and the leather is cut out.  I don't have a finished product yet to show you though.  As I went to sew the pieces, I realized that there were no leather needles in the stash.  So at some point today, I must head out to get needles.  I think it will be a quick sew, assuming Ne Ne is in a good mood.

It will probably be the weekend before I get the finished product posted, but please check back tomorrow as I will be posting my first giveaway, and if you are a vintage plus size sewist this is a giveaway that you don't want to miss.

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