Friday, February 5, 2016

Plus Size Swimwear and Resort Wear Rant

Hello, Friends!  I just wanted to throw up a quick post to let you know that I am still here.  We are in the middle of prepping our house for sell in the Spring and I have been painting and sorting, and doing other general things to get ready for the selling season.

Because of all this, things have been a little quiet on the sewing front, and probably will be for most of February (though I did manage to get a little bit of fabric shopping in this week).  Priorities! ;)

I am already thinking Spring and vacation sewing, how about you all?  I am hopeful that we can get a vacation in before the house mania starts.  In thinking about this, I pose this question...Do you have a favorite RTW brand for resort wear?  When I think resort wear, I think sophisticated linen separates, flowy gauzy beach wear, and maxi dresses that can go from the pool, to walking around town, to a nice dinner out.  Is that too much to ask?

When you search plus size resort wear you get a lot of knit shorts and tops.  You get some denim shorts that are far too short for gams that have dimples and jiggles (I mean if you are comfortable enough in your skin to show your dimples go for it and I got nothing but love for you, but I just can't).  Thank Heavens I can sew my own clothes.  In the past prepping for vacation was a huge source of stress for me, but now I just get together my patterns and fabrics and don't have to have too many meltdowns standing in front of a dressing room mirror.

On that note, let's talk about swimsuits for a minute.  When vacation pops in to my head no matter where I am headed or what the temperature/climate there is, I always assume that there will be somewhere to take a dip.  Snow be damned, there better be a heated pool or at least hot tub.  I am an Aquarius after all.  It almost my Birthday, my b-b-b-birthday!  My ideal swimsuit is one that holds the twins up, but doesn't let them pop out of the top because I am actually quite active in the water.  It also doesn't smash the twins flat like my competitive swimming suits do.  That's great for swimming laps, but it isn't a good look.  It is a one piece suit that flares at the hips.  This suit also has real board shorts to pair with it.  I don't need sandy chub rub at the beach.  Just sayin!

Right now I wear a Lands End halter swim top similar to this one (this one is actually a T-back, but it is very similar):


I pair that top with a bikini bottom, and some big and tall men's board shorts that are not flattering at all.  This top could stand to be a size smaller in the bust, and about 2 sizes larger in the hips.  Because the bust is slightly too large, I get serious chafing under my arms.  The hips are too tight til the weight of the water stretches them out, and then it is fine.  The men's board shorts are made for men, so they have no waist.  I cinch it in as much as I can, but then I have tons of extra fabric bulging around my waist.  Can you picture it?  But, it has a bit of modesty, so I live with it.

This year I really want to design and sew my own swimsuit and board shorts.  I actually wanted to do it last year, but...I got complacent with the other suit and didn't.  Does anyone know a good source for material for board shorts?  I don't want to go with rip stop, but I do want something that is going to dry fast.  I suppose I could tailor some too large men's shorts instead of cinching them.  Hmmmmm.

Ok, that is enough ranting in what was supposed to just be a quick post to say hello.  Tell me about your adventures in swimwear sewing or shopping.  I can't be the only one.