Thursday, November 13, 2014

Random Thoughts Thursday

Friends, I am not going to go in to much detail but I am still being plagued by respiratory issues.  I am not doing much sewing or fabric cutting, because I binge sewed one evening (using the serger of course) and the next morning skip to the next paragraph if you have a weak stomach my sputum had textile fibers in it.

I remember reading a while back an article related to garment workers and them having lung problems because of exposure to tiny fibers that would get stuck in their lungs, but I never related that to my own sewing.  I searched the vast interwebs looking for this article, but I could not find it.

I think that maybe I will consider wearing a mask when serging from now on, or at least until my respiratory issues subside.  Since I was already sick, I was a mouth breather which surely lead to more fibers getting in to the lungs.  Don't think for a second that I am blaming this plague on my sewing.  There are mitigating factors here.  My child brought this plague in to our house.  It's mold season.  I have not been taking the best care of my self (stress ya'll...lots of stress).  You get the picture.  What I am saying here is that I think it is possible that sewing fibers may have irritated the situation.   I have NEVER had bronchitis or any other lower respiratory sickness prior to this.

Tell me friends, have any of you noticed more respiratory issues since you started sewing?

Earlier this week I was contacted by Sewmanju, letting me know that I had won a copy of the new Marbella pattern from Itch to Stitch.  I quickly downloaded the pattern, but have not yet taped the pieces together.

Photo from itch-to-stitch,com
One thing that I can already tell you that I like about this pattern is that the sizes are layered in to the pattern, so you can print only the lines for the sizes that you need.  For me I only had to print the 20 which is the largest size available, and I will be grading up from there.  I see this being made in to a perfect LBD in a textured fabric.  Another thing that I like about this pattern is that it is available in sizes 00-20 with pattern pieces for cup sizes A-D.  They even tell you which pages to print for your cup size so that you don't waste paper.  Love that!

Once I am back on the horse, this will surely be one of the first makes on my list.  

One last thing.  Have you heard about the sewing reference book: Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book?  (I linked to the Amazon listing, but I am not an Amazon affiliate).  This would make a great addition to any sewist's library.

Image from

Santa, if you are reading this book is at the top of my wish list!  Page after page of fabric swatches with tons of information on construction.  All the swatches are in their raw state so no dyeing or bleaching...just the natural state of the fabric.  What is not to LOVE!!!

What is on your Holiday Wishlist?  I will be posting a full post soon on great items for the sewist in your life, so feel free to give me any suggestions.


  1. Sorry to hear of your illness--I was in urgent care last night with similar symptoms. Diagnosis: Bronchitis which triggered Asthma attack. I am more upset that my sewing plans have been (literally) tabled. A mask while serging is a good idea. Never thought of that. I've been on the fence about the Marbella. It looks like an easy sew and seems to be getting good reviews.

    1. Robin, take good care of yourself. This thing spiraled out of control quickly for me!

  2. I've had bronchitis several times (all when my girls were very young) and I would have to stop sewing completely until I was all better because of the floating fibers! I truly hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. Thank you Carolyn. It is hard to stop sewing when you feel like you are on fire and the creative juices are flowing. Alas, I know that it is what I need to do.

  3. Hope you feel better soon and looking forward to seeing your dress. Wrap up warm!