Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

Here it is almost noon, and the temperature is a whopping 11 degrees out, with a "real feel" of -11.  Damn you Polar Vortex!!!  It's cold ya'll.  The kind of cold that takes your breath away when you have to stumble out in to the 3 inches of snow that are on the ground!  The kind of cold where you have to hurry home from the grocery so that your produce doesn't freeze, and you are cussing everyone in front of you at Starbucks because you NEED a peppermint mocha to warm up.

Here in Indy, we had about three good days of Fall before old man Winter hit.  I am totally unprepared.  No snow boots, no Winter coat, not many warm shirts to be real honest.  I have sewn lighter knits in to some long sleeve shirts, but I need heavy fabric for this weather.  All the sweater knits that I have are just too thin.  I did pick up some sweatshirt material and I will be putting that to good use today or tomorrow.  I also have a few things made that need to be photographed, but they will have to wait!

Friends, I hate to leave you with a short post with no pics, but there are snow boots to be found.  Wish me luck!  

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  1. Stay warm!!! I'm probably the only one who envies your winter. I got acclimated to cold weather when I live in South Dakota and still have all these cold weather clothes and no where to wear them!