Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Sewing Projects

Hello Friends!  I feel like it's been a month since I last posted.  November is here (how can it only be 50 days til Christmas???), and October went out with a bang.  Our Halloween was spent finding indoor trunk or treat locations, because it was snowing and windy.  Can you believe it...snow already?  We visited a few senior retirement communities, and the little guy's gangster costume was a big hit with the older crowd.  They were calling him a G man, and make all kinds of jokes with him.  He hated the attention, but loved the candy!

The forecast here is looking cold.  I think we may be in for another brutal Winter here in Indy!  With that in mind, I am trying to think about what items are wardrobe musts for this Winter.

I intend to make a couple more Laurel Tunics from Green Style.  I kind of half arsed reviewed the pattern here.  This time I will be making it in a few sweater knits.  I love leggings and long shirts in the Fall and Winter.  So these Laurel Tunics will be in heavy rotation.

Photo from www.greenstylecreations.com

I think that these are the knits that I am going to use to make more Laurels.  I know the stripey floral is more of a Spring print, but I just don't care.  I make what I like, when I like! ;)

Whats on the cutting table?

I am in search of cable knit by the yard because I think it would make a beautiful Laurel, and if all else fails I see a king size cable knit blanket being made in to something fab to wear.

There is also a chambray tunic with leather details on the November sewing list.  I will be using McCalls M6885 and cutting it down to tunic length.  A long tunic that will cover all my bits when I wear leggings of course!  I will be making view D minus the waist tie, and with the addition of placket sleeves.

I don't have a link or pic of the fabric, but it is just a basic dark blue chambray.  I am not sure what color my leather details will be as there is a lot of leather floating around the sewing haven waiting to be re-purposed.

I will also be working on a shirt dress for Mary's Autumn of 1,000 Shirt Dresses project.  I have the fabric for this and I think I have settled on a pattern too, but this one is a surprise, so no sneak peaks on this one.

I have a fabric in the stash that is begging to be made in to a cape, but I am not sure if I will get around to this.  I seem to be gravitating towards easy sews right now, and this is a woven hounds tooth that is going to be a pain to sew.

You would think with the Holidays drawing near, I would be doing some unselfish sewing in November too, but I just am not feeling like making gifts yet.  I am sure December will roll around and I will be in panic mode making gifts for others.

So friends, what is on your sewing list this month?  Do any of you have a source for cable knit by the yard that you care to share?  


  1. I did see some nautica cable knit on fabric.com, but I think it was $30 or so a yard. I really like that tunic! I just bought the Deer and Doe bruyere and am looking forward to that. A cape is in my future as well as are two coats and a trench. Don't know how far I will get into making those. It depends for me on the weather. If it's another mild winter I won't feel like sewing warm clothes. My list for sewing and I think I will forgo any selfless sewing this Christmas other than sweaters for my mom and my MIL.

    1. That is the only cable knit I have been able to find. I don't mind paying for good fabric, but it is hard to justify that when I need 3 yards. I had grand plans for sewn Christmas gifts, but it just probably won't end up happening!