Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Woman Divided

Hello friends!  I am suffering with a bit of sewing split personality disorder at the moment.  Practical me wants to compile a collection of TNT patterns for essential items.  Creative me wants to tea dye crinkle gauze, and hand paint silk dresses, and put glass seed beads on everything, and do all kinds of other creative projects.  Balance has never been my best attribute!

My beloved TNT t-shirt pattern has gone the way of the dodo bird.  Somewhere in the move from the basement to the main level, it just vanished never to be heard from again.  I still have the original pattern, but the truth is I was starting to fall out of love with this pattern anyway, and by the time I got the thing to TNT status I had Franken-patterned the hell out of the original pattern.  So I have decided to start over, from scratch.

About a month ago Lauren at Lladybird posted about the method that she uses for t-shirt necklines.  I tried it that afternoon, and it rocked my t-shirt sewing world.  It is just basically a bound neckline, but I lurve the look of it.

Bound Neckline on T-shirt

If you follow my instagram, you may recognize this pic.  This is what the bound neckline ends up looking like.  I think it just looks so much more polished than the regular neckline method I have been using.  I plan to incorporate it in to my new t-shirt TNT pattern, and may even toy with using it to "hem" sleeves as well.

There are many other TNT patterns to be made including pants, jeans, cardigans, tank tops for layering, so many things!

Then there is this whole creative wonder world that is spinning around in my head.  The things that I want to make.  Do you ever suffer from creative ADD?  All these beautiful ideas swirling around in your head, and not enough time to get them all down on paper, much less to actually make them.

Sometimes random inspiration keeps me up sewing in to the wee hours of the morning.  That is my favorite kind of creative energy.  When you become so passionate about getting something made that sleep, food, and everything else will have to wait until you can get that fantastic creative idea out of your head and in to reality.  Am I the only one who turns mad sewist in the wee hours?


  1. Definitely not the only one that turns mad sewist. I have a really hard time finishing stuff off though, especially if I am not 100% taken with it and have way too much creative stuff lying about that enables me to just drop something and start dyeing/beading/patchwork. I really like the idea of hand-painting a silk dress and beading everything. Would love to see it if you have a go. xx

    1. I will definitely post the creative stuff, no worries! In much of my life, I am a non completer...there is the 50,000 word novel that needs a final chapter, the afghan that needs about an hour of work to be complete, but when it comes to sewing I have to complete every project before I move to the next. I tried cutting out a bunch of projects at once recently, and seeing the cut fabric sitting on the shelf drove me mad! Won't do that again!!

  2. Life is too short to sew basics (unless that's your interest du jour) .
    Paint the silk, dye the crinkle gauze, try new things.

  3. Yip, I also turn mad nocturnal sewist - when the world sleeps is when my creativity wakes up...