Friday, January 2, 2015

2015...Goals, Thoughts and All That Jazz

How can it already be 2015?  Friends it seems like just yesterday I was thinking about what my plans for 2014 were going to be, and here we are another year older, wiser, and a more adept sewist! ;)  I am not one for resolutions, but I am one for setting goals.

Lets get down to it with the sewing goals for 2015.

1.  Stash Busting.  When I first started sewing, I bought only what I needed for a project.  I can't tell you how many projects were made that I paid full price for the crappy fabric, near full price for the pattern, and the notions...well the thought of what I paid for those just makes me sick.  Tired of paying full price, I began to buy fabrics and notions (aside from thread because it deteriorates over time) at estate sales, yard sales, and thrift shops.  And patterns, thank goodness I learned to buy those on sale.  Don't get me wrong, I will still pay full price for a piece of fabric that is amazing, but my thrifty fabric is starting to run out of my ears.

My plan for stash busting this year is two part.  First of all, I am going to only allow to buy one piece of fabric for every two pieces that I sew.  No, this doesn't mean that I get to buy five yards of wool every time I use a fat quarter.  I mean basically that I have to sew two garments to buy another piece of fabric.  I am not sure how long I will do this, but this will allow me to not feel deprived, while still using up what I have.

Second off, I am planning an event in February/March called the Estate Sale Fabric Challenge.  I am going to challenge some of my favorite sewing bloggers to make something fabulous out of some of the great fabrics that I have gotten recently.  Newbies and old timers if you might be interested in this sort of thing, let me know.

2.  Pattern Busting.  Ya'll, I have an amazing assortment of vintage patterns that have come to me from various sources.   Problem is, I don't sew vintage.  As I have come to know who I am as a sewist this year, I have come to the realization that I am not and probably never will be a vintage sewist.  I was originally planning to put these patterns in my etsy shop, but I think I just want to share them with you all.  So, the Friday Funday Pattern Giveaway will be making a return.

3.  Quality Over Quantity.  When I do allow myself to buy fabric, I plan to buy real quality stuff.  I am not talking Liberty of London (primarily because that just isn't my style), but good Kaufman cottons, nice wools, maybe some cashmere.  The point here is I am tired of cheap knits that pill, and twills that fade, and flannels that just make me want to scream as they continue to shrink with each washing.  There is too much time and energy put in to this sewing thing to have a garment be a wadder because of the fabric quality.

4.  RTW Fast.  I may be crazy, but I have signed up for Sarah's over at RTW fast.  A whole year without buying a single piece of RTW clothing (though she does allow for undergarments).  I couldn't have picked a worse better year to join the Fast as my favorite jeans are on their way out, I just cleaned out my swimsuit drawer, and then there is the need for a ballgown later in the year.  Stretch yourself as a sewist.  When we stretch we grow!  You all remind me of that later when I am whining about it.

5.  Only make things that excite me.  We are all guilty of seeing the latest sewing challenge or knit dress pattern (yes, Tiramisu I am talking about you!) and making it even though it really doesn't fit our style or have a real place in our closet.  This year, I am going to focus on only making things that I will wear and that make me happy.  Life is too short to sew fugly clothes!

6.  Sew the Basics.  The fast will help me with this, and in truth my life is kind of basic.  I am a SAHM after all.  I rarely have the opportunity to get too dressed up.  But, as I learned towards the end of the year, I don't even have proper attire for a funeral.  Jeans and t-shirts are great, but I need to sew some basic pieces to make for a more well rounded wardrobe.

8.  Organization.  My creative room has turned in to a place of chaos.  What once was a carefully laid out area in which I knew where every thing was and everything had a place, has now turned in to a mad house collection of fabric and notions and patterns.  All this chaos can sometimes spur my creativity, but for the most part the chaos is overwhelming me and I know that I will feel happier and have better creative vision if I get things back in their place.

There are changes coming for my family this year.  Nothing negative, all good stuff.  There will be more about this later as things unfold, but friends I am very excited for all the things that 2015 holds.

So tell me friends, what are you looking forward to this year, and what are your sewing goals?


  1. I don't have a garment sewing stash yet, as I am still very much a newbie. Unless fabric for two dresses! I can relate to the sewing room woes. Mine is such a mess that I can't even think in there, let alone create anything (I am a quilter who wants to become a great dress maker, lol!) I love your idea of creating from thrift store finds. I'll watch with interest :)

    1. Thanks Nita! I am going to post pictures of my creative area soon. It is a real mess.

  2. Great plans and ones that really resonate here. Having a wardrobe of great quality, well fitting me-mades sounds brilliant. You would think that this would be inutuitive wouldn't you but as soon as I get near fabric I become overwhelmed by the pretty colours and all the feels. There is no hope. My sewing room is also drowning in vintage patterns, only three of which are anywhere near my size. If you can resist buying fabric will you please tell me how to do it? :)
    Really looking forward to following how you get on. Xx

    1. Mother of Reinvention, I really understand! Sewing can be a very tactile experience. For the longest time I wouldn't order from online sources because I needed to touch the fabric. I hope I am able to keep these goals, only time will tell!