Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Great Hand Sewn Gift Patterns for the Man in Your Life - Christmas 2014

Here we are less than three weeks from Christmas, and I have not sewn a single gift.  Life has been hectic to say the least, but I am trying to slow down and get my sewing and shopping under control so that I can avoid spending Christmas Eve in the Sewing Room enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

I have compiled a little list of patterns for hand sewn gifts for the man in your life.  Be it your Lovey, your Dad, your Brother or just a male friend I think there is something here for everyone.

1.  The Cooper Bag by Collette Patterns.  It makes in to a messenger bag, backpack, or satchel.  You may even decide that you want to make one for yourself.  While you are browsing at Collette, you should also check out the Albion Jacket and Negroni Shirt which would also make great gifts for your fella!

Photo from www.collettepatterns,com

2.  The Flat Cap pattern (FREE!!!) from Urbandon.  This is a basic simple newsboy cap, that would even make a great scrap busting pattern.  Make your hubby a hat to match that great wool skirt you made yourself a few months ago.  Urbandon also has more free patterns/tutorials here including fingerless mittens and a combat cap...again great scrap busters.

Photo from

3.  The free tutorial for a Toiletry Case at would make a great men's toiletry bag.  Just use canvas or duck in your guy's favorite color or colors instead of the girly fabric it is shown in.  If you are feeling really ambitious you could even make it out of leather or pleather.

Photo from
4.  From Allisa Jacobs, a very basic, beginner friendly Men's Wallet tutorial.  Seriously, anyone could make this.  It would even be a great pattern for a young sewist to make for Daddy or Grandpa.  Bonus goodness, she uses upcycled fabric from a favorite shirt of her man to make the wallet.

Photo from

5.  A Men's Cardigan using McCalls M6803.  With elbow patches and a drifter collar, I especially like the masculinity of view C.  Throw on some great leather buttons, and I think this could be a really nice gift that any man would love.

Photo from

These are my top 5 picks for hand sewn men's Christmas gifts this year.  There is a bit of sentimentality in the cardigan and newsboy hat.  So tell me friends, are you sewing anything for any of the men in your life?  Are there any other patterns that you would suggest?

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