Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bound Buttonholes

Are you a fan of the PBS series It's Sew Easy?  If you aren't familiar it is an informative show on sewing, quilting and embroidery hosted by different industry experts, as well as bloggers and writers.  Gertie of Blog for Better Sewing fame and Angela Wolf pattern designer (though not plus friendly) are two of my favorites to watch when they are on an episode.  I try to catch the show when I can on TV, but also like to watch the episodes online.  Each week a different episode is available for viewing online.  If they are totally quilt related, I will usually skip them because I am not a quilter.

This weeks episode is only available through Friday at Noon.  You can view it at  The first lesson was Angela Wolf embellishing a woven jacket with applique.  For me it was a snooze fest, but if that is your thing by all means go watch it.  The second lesson was by Marie Zinno who was doing embroidery on a sweat or yoga jacket.  Again, it was a bit of a snooze fest for me.  I don't have an embroidery machine, and honestly if I were going to embroider an item, I would do it by hand, as I enjoy the tediousness of hand embroidery.

The best lesson started at 18:10 in to the video.  

Screenshot taken from

In this lesson Janet Pray (just click on her name to read her Craftsy instructor profile) demonstrates proper technique for making a bound buttonhole.  I don't know about you, but bound button holes are one of those things that confound me at times.  My brain often can't compute the idea of sewing something on the right side of a garment and then turning it in to the wrong side.  I thought that Janet's demonstration of the technique was concise, and not confusing at all.  It was the way my grandmother would have been taught to do it instead of some of the shortcut ways that are in tutorials all over the internet.

You have about 24 hours to go catch this video before it is on to a new episode.  If you have some coat making in your future, the 12 minute investment of time is well worth the knowledge gained!

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