Friday, October 10, 2014

Final Sews Before the Wrist Injury - McCalls M6885 and a Self Drafted Tunic

Full disclosure...these pictures may or may not frighten you.  The lack of makeup and hair piled on top of my head are enough to make anyone cringe.  These photos were taken with my cell phone and I need you all to know that this will not be the quality of pictures that I will be posting, but since I haven't had a chance to get any real photos taken because of the rain that keeps pouring down, these will have to do, because people are starting to question if I really exist, and if I even know how to sew.

First up is McCall's M6885 in view B.

I enjoyed sewing this pattern.  I cut the size 22 in the bust and graded out to the 24 in the waist and hips.  This pattern has a lot of extra room, and next time I would cut a straight 22.  The fabric is a grey polka dot on navy blue background that I purchased from Hancock.  It has a real collar stand, and the front placket went together like a dream.  I added 4 inches of length to the dress, because I knew I was going to belt it and it seemed short to start with.  It has a hi lo hem that comes up at the side seams.  Had I not added the 4 extra inches, I believe that my netheryea may have easily been playing peek-a-boo when I was walking around in this dress because of that high side seam.  I like this pattern, but I will not make the hi lo version again.  I will be using this pattern to make multiple tunics this season though.

Next up is my Self Drafted Tunic.

I had this piece of red and white light weight sweater knit in my stash.  Every time I walked down the stairs it was peeking out at me, begging to be made in to something.  It haunted me in my dreams.  It needed to be made in to something beautiful to be worn.  I only had 2 yards of this fabric and most of my shirts call for at least 2.5 yards, because my arse requires extra fabric, and then there is the issue of stripes and pattern matching (what was I thinking only getting 2 yards???).  So, I laid it on the floor and self drafted a boatneck tunic with dolman style sleeves directly on to the fabric.  Do you see how well those stripes match up at the side seam?  Yeah, go me!

I love Love LOVE it!  Just as a side note, I also made that white belt, but that is another story for another time.

I promise this will be the last post with no make up and bunned up hair.  Well, at least I promise I will try not to do it again.  I had to defend my sewing honor, afterall!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Hi Alicia,
    I'm not a plus size, but I used to sew for plus size women. I really like your work, specially this tunic with the red and white stripes. Is the fabric a little puffy on the red stripes, or is it just an optical illusion that gives the impression it is braided?

    1. It is a little puffy. It has a bit of a pucker on the red stripes that makes it have that look. I really love the fabric.

  2. Was looking for someone who had done a sleeveless version of M6885, have just bought the pattern to give it a go - yours looks great :-)

    1. Thanks Crafty Clyde. I just finished a new version where I turned it in to a tunic, and I will be posting it on the blog soon. The flamingo Southport dress that you made is so CUTE!!!