Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Curvy Girl Boots - What a Girl Wants

Friends, this post has nothing at all to do with sewing.  Well except that I am sewing heavy knits and sweater knits, and of course my thoughts naturally trail off to, "Which boots do I wear with this lovely frock?"

So friends do you have as hard of a time as I do finding boots that fit over your calves?  There was a particularly devastating Christmas morning a few years back where my sweet hubby thought he had solved the problem by buying me a pair of "wide calf" boots made by Naturalizer.  I was stoked when I opened them.  Surely they were the answer to my meaty calf prayers.  Unfortunately, they didn't fit over my calves.  Or should I say that they didn't zip anymore once they met the bottom of my calf.  The bottom of my calf people.

Then one day I discovered a great site called WideWidths.  I am in no way affiliated with this company, other than having bought boots from them in the past.  I have a pair of black Ros Hommerson boots that I purchased from WideWidths that get a ton of wear.  Currently I am lusting after a few more pair of boots on their site.

Julia Boot Pic from

Jordana Boot Pic from

I need brown boots ya'll!  I need them bad.  What I love about WideWidths is that no matter what size your calf is, they most likely have a boot or two that will fit it.  What I don't love is that a lot of the boots come in a wide width imagine that.  I don't have wide feet, I just have really large calves.  Is it too much to ask for a girl to have a boot that their foot doesn't slide around in like crazy?

Sure there are ankle boots, and you don't need me to show you pictures of those, but there is one other sector of boots that I think I should mention here.  We will call them the comfy utilitarian type boots.  The ones that you can hike 5 miles back to a pumpkin field and kick leaves til your heart's content and have feet that are as happy as they are at home in your warm fuzzy slippers.

For this category my pick is any boot in the FitFlop brand.  A few years back when I was suffering with severe plantar fasciitis, I got some FitFlop flip flops and later that year some FitFlop chukka style boots.  FitFlop shoes much like the one's at WideWidths are for sure investment shoes.  But if you suffer from low back issues or have fascist feet, give them a try, your feet will thank you for it.  Again, I have no affiliation with this company save for owning some of their shoes.

I am digging this pair, but they even offer tall MukLuk Style boots.  MukLuks can be a curvy gal with curvy calves best friend...assuming that they have a nice wide tongue, and when all else fails I will fall back on MukLuks for great Fall boots.
MukLuk Moc 2 pic from

So tell me friends, what sources do you have for wide calf boots?  Are you craving brown boots like I am?


  1. Ugh, I have the same issue. Wide calves, but not feet. Actually, my feet are super tiny and my ankles are normal and then my calves... are...welll.... you know.

    I've never bought from them, but I hear Duo Boots is good: They are pricey, though, but I hear the quality is great and they are worth the investment. You actually choose your calf size and the foot size is normal.

    Curvy Fashionista always has great posts about boots. I'd check out her site and search for boots. There is this post to get you started:

    For me, laced boots actually fit fine since they tend to have a lot of room. I'm currently wearing ones that are similar to these:

    Mine are 14 hole, though. Dr Martens tend to fit bigger as well in the shaft, but be fine in the foot. I have a teeny tiny 6.5 foot and wear these boots every day without any fit issues. :)

    1. Andie, I am starting to think we are sew sisters! Thanks for all the great links. I am now lusting after some of the boots on duoboots.

      I haven't worn Dr. Martens in years!!! I hadn't even thought about trying them again. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Definite sew sisters! :) No problem. I'm always happy to share links to shoes. ;)

      Dr. Martens are so comfy after a few wears (little stiff the first few). I am super happy with buying them. I drool over duoboots daily. Sigh....!

  2. My favorite boots right now are the Aerosole A2 Ride Out. I got a black pair last year and just got a tan pair. They have two zips on the inside so you can adjust for wide width without having gaping at the ankle like I usually get. LOVE THEM. Plus they're comfy and not too expensive. I got my black pair at JCPenney and this tan pair from shoebuy (I think...). They were cheaper than JCP and had more colors!

    1. I tried those on at Kohls and they aren't big enough. Boo Hoo! I have 19 1/2 inch calves and the aerosoles came up a good 2 inches shy of what I need. I would LOVE to find some affordable boots that fit.

  3. Have you looked on the Jessica London site? The boots come in medium width and wide calf. There are some nice brand names available there and possibly a pair for you.