Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back from Vacation

Hello, Friends!  I am back from vacation and things should be getting back to normal around here.  I am dealing with a bit of system shock as I went from swimming in the Caribbean to shoveling snow in less than 24 hours time.

Just before I left my StyleArc patterns arrived, and I was not able to make them before leaving.  I will be sewing them up soon though, and posting about them.  There is a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts in these patterns.  I feel like that moves me in to new territory with my sewing, but I am all for it.

While on vacation I saw a woman wearing a red and white striped shirt in the style of the Bronte Top from Jennifer Lauren.  It was red with thin white stripes, and very nautical feeling.  I became obsessed with this poor woman's shirt, and now I will have to be making myself one.  I am thinking that I will use this fabric from fabric.com:

Stretch Rayon Bamboo Mariner Jersey Knit
Photo from fabric.com

This is a great Stretch Rayon Bamboo Jersey Knit in maroon and off-white.  I think it would work great for a Bronte.  I noticed while looking for this fabric that fabric.com has gotten a lot of great stripe fabrics in.  Just when I thought I was done with stripes, I find myself drooling over more.

We celebrated my birthday while on vacation, and since I sewed quite a few items back in January (though I didn't blog many of them) I am going to allow myself a bit of fabric indulgence.  I am in a Spring sewing mood, so I can't wait to get some new goodies in to sew!

Unblogged January make...and it was Jungle January!  
My Centerfield Raglan obsession continues!
Also, Woot Woot for catching myself in the mirror in this shot!

One last bit of vacation recap...can anyone tell me if there is a universal law that as soon as you put on a newly made t-shirt while on vacation you will drip chocolate sauce on to said shirt?  I wish I could say that it only happened once!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Like the stripes. I am looking forward to your take on Style Arc patterns.. Hope we get some better weather soon too. Xx

    1. Thanks! So far what I am seeing of Style Arc I am liking, but only time will tell. This weather is for the birds!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! The red/white striped Bronte sounds amazing! I might have to steal that so we can be top twins again. ;)

    1. One day friend, we are going to meet in person and wear our twinny tops and talk sewing!