Friday, August 7, 2015

Fall Wardrobe Planning and Sewing List 2015

Photo found on Pinterest/Polyvore

Fall Look Found on Pinterest/Polyvore

Friends, I have been cruising pinterest and polyvore looking at Fall Fashion.  The two looks above are absolutely my style.  Fall makes me crave chunky sweater knits, boots, jeggings and a nice dash of leather for good measure.  Temperatures can vary greatly in the Fall, so layering is an absolute must.  I generally have camisoles and sleeveless tees under my waterfall or boyfriend cardigan.  In looking at these Fall looks and thinking about what is in my closet now, there are some things that need to be sewn...and some things that need to be purchased (don't worry I am not breaking my no RTW commitment for 2015).

First thing that I am in desperate need of sewing, are basic shells/camis/tanks.  It makes it hard to layer up a cute look when you are without the basic bottom layer!

I plan on making a cami pattern from a RTW cami that I already own.  It's knit and lace and I adore it, and the way it fits.  Beyond that I plan to make something similar to the popcorn tank in the first look using Simplicity 2409 from the Khalia Ali Collection.

Photo From Khaliah Ali Collection 2409

The waterfall cardigan in the first look looks to be made of suede.  I think I would try it in suede cloth first, and then if I loved it I would consider getting some real suede to make it out of.  There are so many waterfall cardigan patterns out there, but most are intended for stretchy knits, and since I intend to sew this in non-stretch I am struggling to find the right pattern.  Do any of you have recommendations pattern wise?  I don't mind grading if the pattern is intended for non-stretch fabrics.

I already have similar jeans to the one's in the first look, so there would be nothing to make there.  Although it is worth noting that jeans are on my Fall sewing list!

On to the sewing list for look two.  First let's talk Jeggings.  When I think of boot season, jeggings naturally are something that I know that I will need.  I am planning a sewalong featuring the Misty Stretch Pull-On Jeans from Style Arc, and those are perfect for accomplishing this look.  I promise there will be more coming on that endeavor in the near future.

I think that instead of the chunky knit waterfall cardigan in look two, I would  like to make a kimono style cardigan.  I like View D of Simplicity 1318 for this look, but with longer sleeves.

Line Drawings of 1318 from

I am anxiously awaiting a pair of black and tan Ros Hommerson wide calf boots that actually are the boots from look two, just in a different color.  These are their Chip Riding Boot.  I found them on Amazon here.  I have other Ros Hommerson wide calf boots, and I can tell you that they are fantastic.  These are what I will call investment boots.  You aren't going to wear them for a season and then donate them.  My original black pair I have had for five years now.  I wear them a lot through the Fall and Winter.  The soles of the boots are still in excellent shade, and despite all the snow and salt the past few years have brought, the leather still looks great.  If you have truly wide calves like I do (and some of those other wide calf boots don't even come close to zipping), this brand is worth a look.
Ros Hommerson Wide Calf Black and Tan Chip Riding Boots from
That is a good start to what I plan to sew this Fall.  There of course will be Halloween costumes, Green Style Centerfield Raglans (I just can't stop sewing this pattern), maybe a corduroy knee skirt for tights and boots, and of course there will need to be a jacket or cape thrown in for good measure.

Friends, are you planning your Fall sewing already?  Are you sewing for Fall already?  Tell me what is on your Fall must make list!


  1. Love your fall picks! Can't wait to see them made up!

  2. Love your picks. I don't have any capsules planned out for fall, but my goal is to extend some of my summer wardrobe by adding layers. I do know that I want to make a boyfriend cardigan or two and also a couple of Muse Jenna and Sophie cardigans. I'll also need to sew some jeans and pants since all but one of my RTW pairs of jeans have bit the dust in recent months due to wearing through the thighs from chub rub. I have the Misty jeans but haven't made them up yet, so I will definitely join you in the sewalong!

    1. Michelle, the Muse cardigans have been on my sewing list for a while. Maybe I can finally get to them this Fall. I would be delighted to have you join in on the Misty sewalong!

  3. Check out my new love....patterns for pirates!!! Free spirit tank, boundless dress, sos pants, plazzopants, etc....and each pattern has many diff options to change them up and mix and match. Their fit is awesome even at the upper sizes. Im wearing outfits in my size i never thought would work, but these patterns??? Oh wow!!! Many patterns looks just like the outfits you posted pics of. Find them on FB( my choice so i get to see things others have made) or on the girl charlie fabric site under patterns. Amazing stuff :)

  4. Oh and the care free cardi ( waterfall front) and summer kimono are a dream to construct!!! You'll love them all!!!

  5. Alicia what are your favorite cardi patterns for fall???

    Style arc- laura knit cardi- cowl back

    Simplicity 2598 khaliah ali knit- bunch of diff tie off options. This is the cardi you see in fancy boutiques that are never over a size 2. Its awesome in plus sizes.let the twigs of the world stare in shock and awe!!

    Simplicity 2154- basic cardi no wide hem band.
    McCalls 6084- flowly and sleeveless opt.
    Style arc nina- same cardi you have above in your pics. Can tie at waist and has a pepulum bottom.
    And my new love....
    patterns for pirates carefree cardi with waterfall front.

    1. I really like the Style Arc Nina Cardigan. I like that the peplum will help emphasize the waist/minimize the hips. I don't have Simplicity 2598 but it looks like a great pattern!

      I like the hip length Muse Jenna cardigan. I am not a fan of the waist length one for myself, but the hip length I can see getting some great use.

      I like Burda #127 from 01/2013. It is more duster length, but I love that length with skinny jeans and heals.

      I also like the pattern details of Jalie 2919. It has pleats/pintucks and can be sleeveless or long sleeve.

      Thanks for these great pattern suggestions, there were a few here that I was not aware of.

  6. Nice outfits, Alicia. I like the suede waterfall cardi, very stylish especially with those boots you picked out. I am not planning much yet but am probably going to try to drape/frankenpattern some interesting things. Got to make a coat this year as the only one I have is a big outdoors one designed for the arctic.It may be toasty but it is huge and not quite the same in "normal" winter temperatures here. :) Xx

    1. Thanks, MoR! Power to the Frankenpattern!!! I have got to get a good dress form so that I can start doing more draping. Do you know what coat pattern you will make, or are you going to try to self draft/drape for the coat?

    2. I am probably going to use an old Vogue OOP riding coat pattern and make it a bit shorter with a fuller skirt. I fancy something a bit mad and loved some for the ones Galluano did you Dior so I will probably choose a coloured fabric. I would love to drape one completely. It might be easier in the long run but I would have to pad my form a lot. :) Xx

  7. I haven't even lined my sewing list up just yet but I love your picks. I do have the cardigan covered and the material just waiting for me to make it happen, lol. I have three mulitifunctional wardrobes I would like to sew up so hopefully I can make it happen.

    1. Good to hear from you, Sabrina! Cardigans are a Fall must. I hope you manage to get those multifunctional wardrobes sewn, and can't wait to see how they come out.

  8. Those boots look amazing. I might have to consider an investment in them, too! I bought Dr. Marten's last year and love them, but they aren't knee high. :) So comfy, though.

    I have the Simplicity top, but haven't made it yet. I'm excited to see your version. The Style Arc pull on jeans look like a great wear with boots style. I adore that kimono pattern! I think I need to get that! :)